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Dashcam Shows Cops Speed into Neighborhood Ending In Crash that Killed Woman, 2 Children

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Ex con keeping it real, a voice of truth against injustice. Read the full story here, https://studionewsnetwork.com/police-news/dashcam-shows-cops-speed-into-neighborhood-ending-in-crash-that-killed-woman-2-children/ follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/StudioNewsNet Need an education on your rights, visit my website https://www.StudioNewsNetwork.com https://business.facebook.com/StudioNewsNetwork Check out my new channel Raw & Uncut https://www.youtube.com/user/talkconnections All the latest Police News and Activity https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePathProject https://studionewsnetwork.com/own-the-cops/ https://studionewsnetwork.com/snn-faq/ https://studionewsnetwork.com/about-jon-masters/ http://studionewsnetwork.com/forum https://studionewsnetwork.com/monthly-membership/ https://studionewsnetwork.com/own-the-cops-tools/ https://studionewsnetwork.com/how-tos/ https://studionewsnetwork.com/contact-us/ Jon Masters is not an attorney and any advice by himself or studio news network should be considered non legal advice and or coaching on what works.
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