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The Purple Pantyhose - Video of a Photo Shooting

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The Purple Pantyhose - Video of a Photo Shooting Another Video of our Photo-Shooting. Samira is wearing a purple Pantyhose, a bra and a open dress with black HighHeels. Later she takes off her shoes. _____________________________ ABOUT: We have plus 100K Nylon-Followers - Looking for collaboration http://mylegs24.de/samira Daily Photos: https://www.instagram.com/mylegs24/ Daily Videos: https://www.instagram.com/video.mylegs24/ Scond Instagram-Photostream: https://www.instagram.com/peter.mylegs24/ Visit our new second Channel for Cars & Nylons: http://dashcam.mylegs24.de AMAZOn Wishlist: http://bit.ly/2samira Mounted a small GoPro-Clone Kamera on top of my DSLR to make more Video-Content for you. This Video was filmed with this Camera: http://amzn.to/2wLLi
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