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Introduction to BlendMount Mounting Brackets for BlackVue Dashcams | by The Dashcam Store™

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The Dashcam Store here with a quick introductory video for BlendMount mounting brackets for BlackVue and other dashcams. BlendMount mounting brackets are designed specifically for BlackVue dashcams but also support other dashcams, action cams, radar detectors and even automotive programmers/tuners. We primarily focus on Blendmounts made for the BlackVue 430/450/470, 500/550, 600/650, 750 and 900 series dashcams here at The Dashcam Store, so we will be using those as examples in this video. The great thing about BlendMount is that they make compatible brackets for any and all BlackVue dashcams available for purchase, except for the DR490L-2CH due to its...
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