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How DEEP, SICK and IN-YOUR-FACE is this P...E...D....O Rabbit Hole?!?

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You know what's even more sick than the political parasites who are actually involved in all this sex trafficking? The mountains of people in these "news" organizations that keep SILENT about it year after year! You wanna see an "enemy of the people?" There you go right there! ***Here's the BRAND NEW Bill Clinton "I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS ON THAT ISLAND" design: https://teespring.com/i-did-not-have-sexual-relation Get it on a shirt, mug or hoodie and support the channel. Take a minute to ???? Get on my private Email List while this channel still exists: http://bit.ly/HighImpactFlixOfficial (don't forget to CONFIRM) WAYS YOU...
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