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UTTERLY INSANE Militarized Traffic Stop in Harrisburg PA!!

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Police reactions like this (FOR NO FREAKIN' logical reason) is completely off-the-charts INSANE. Talk about TERRORIST activity caught on camera. Good thing this guy recorded the incident or we would never know about it. ALWAYS record the police! **Harrisburg PA contact info: Address: 123 Walnut St #217, Harrisburg, PA 17101 Phone: (717) 255-3131 Email: officeofthechief@harrisburgpa.gov ***Kick-ass shirt designs (your purchase supports the uncompromising message on this channel) ???? Gun Owner or Victim: https://teespring.com/new-choose-one-gun-owner-or-v ???? Keep Calm & Return Fire: https://teespring.com/keep-calm-and-return-fire-ar ???? Does this AR Make Me Look PHAT: https://teespring.com/does-this-armalite-make-me-loo?pid=226 ???? Elements of Defense: https://teespring.com/ak-ar-elements-of-defense?pid=2 ???? Hell No Shirt: https://teespring.com/new-hell-no-you-re-not-taking ????...
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