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ARK Invest Just Bought Palantir Stock! | $20 Long-Term Price Target? | PLTR Stock: Explained!

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I can confirmation that ARK Invest just bought 20,000 shares in #PLTR and #Palantir stock (link below). Later in this video, I’m going to explain why ARK buying is a huge deal and what that means for the stock price in the future! Starting from a somewhat modest $20 billion dollar market cap, quite simply the long-term opportunity here is huge if all goes right. In my opinion, this company’s story is Tesla-esque in so many ways. I’ll get to all of them. ARKW Official Fund Page (Showing PLTR @ #52): https://ark-funds.com/wp-content/fundsiteliterature/holdings/ARK_NEXT_GENERATION_INTERNET_ETF_ARKW_HOLDINGS.pdf SPECIAL SUPPORTERS: ‣ Bob Wills ‣ Ronil Patel...
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